UPA - League of Champions

The Evolution of Pool™

Made on a Mac

About our League

League of Champion Features:

  1. Cash & Prize League

  2. Vegas National Championships

  3. Official U.S. Amateur Rankings

  4. Player Dashboard Charting Player Stats

  5. A Professional Handicapping Program (SSR)

  6. UPA Official Rules of play

General Division Info:

  1. Handicapped & Masters Divisions

  2. 5 Player Teams (3 substitutes)

  3. Speed 1-10

  4. 28 Point Max - Per Team *

  5. $10 Nightly Dues

  6. Individual Matched Play

*  Except Masters Divisions

Player Benefits:

  1. Professional Training via SSR Program

  2. Player Dashboard tracking Player Statistics

  3. Sandbagging Eliminated!

  4. Call Pocket - No Slop Pool

  5. Rack Your Own - Alternating Breaks

     Systematic Speed Ratio (SSR):

With our unique scorekeeping system, we track every shot you take.  This information is then sent to our national office where the data is entered into our unique SSR program.  A computer algorithm looks at your break percentage, your misses per game, your fouls per game, the effectiveness of your safety play, your playing strategy, your win percentage, as well as other factors.  Armed with this information, the algorithm calculates your SSR, which is the overall ‘speed’ at which you played.  Your SSR is a measure of how well you have played, not a measure of whether you won or lost.  The fact that all SSR’s are calculated exactly the same way, allows us to create a true National Ranking System.  See where YOU rank!